An association for Utility Locators

Nulca NZ represents the utility location industry in New Zealand.  It is an organisation created to support and grow the capabilities of individuals and organisations involved in locating, tracing and mapping underground services.

Nulca is a contraction of National Utility Locating Contractors Association, an organisation originally formed in the United States in 1994.  Australia also established a similarly named  association in 2004.

In choosing to adopt Nulca as our name we join an international collective of people dedicated to building better and stronger national and global utility locating industries. 

While the US and Australian associations are still sometimes referred to by their full name, they are more commonly now known just as Nulca.   The full name is a bit of a mouthful to get out so the New Zealand association will simply be known as Nulca New Zealand or Nulca NZ.

Nulca NZ Board

Meet the Nulca NZ Board. A group diverse enough to bring different perspectives to a common goal: building a better utility location industry and reducing the unnecessary damage to national underground infrastructure.

Elle Archer - President

Elle is on the Board to help and add value to the Locating industry sector. She is passionate about what we do, how we can aid our Locators in NZ, and how we can integrate our knowledge with the global community. Her favourite hobby is Shaolin Kungfu; move the body, focus the mind. Her favourite part of NZ: East Coast, top to bottom of the North Island, and the Marlborough Sounds (ALL the seafood!).

Andrew Healy - Treasurer

Andrew is on the Board to give structure and support to initiatives that will save lives and prevent damage. beforeUdig have an important part to play in lifting industry standards, so being part of that change and Kaizen is why he's here. He is an avid rower and loves to get out on his coastal rowing scull – you can’t beat it. His favourite part of NZ is anywhere coastal with lots of NZ bush fragrances.

Goldie Walker - Secretary

Goldie is on the Board to help bring qualifications, standards, and guidelines to the Locating industry. She is passionate about high quality work and getting everyone home safe. Her favourite hobby is landscape and nature photography, closely followed by skiing! Her favourite part of NZ: Wanaka! By far. Relaxing, beautiful, and amazing people (plus the ski fields!)

Justin Bell - Board Member

Justin is on the Board to help raise the quality and standards of Utility Locating and mark-outs, plus to help raise awareness and importance of what can be produced with integration of data collection to aid the project design phase. His favourite hobby: He loves hunting and the outdoors, and can't wait to get out again! His favourite part of NZ: Central Otago 

Ben Giles - Board Member

Ben is on the Board because he wants to contribute to the Locating industry. He believes Nulca NZ’s vision, mission and objectives will benefit everyone involved including locators, excavators, engineers, designers, and asset owners. He feels privileged to be working with key leaders in the industry who give their time and energy to establishing this industry voice. His favourite hobby is spearfishing His favourite part of NZ: Thames - Coromandel


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