Join Nulca NZ

Thanks for your interest in joining Nulca New Zealand.  There are a number of differing types of memberships that you can join under. The type will depend on whether you want to apply as an individual or an organisation, what you do, and your interest in the New Zealand utility location industry.

Below are the available options to choose from:

Individual Utility Locator

If you currently undertake utility location then you can join as an Individual Locator.  You don't have to be a full-time Locator. If you perform this role as part of another job you are welcome to join under this category.

The annual subscription is $220 (ex GST) per annum.

Affiliate Individual

If you are an individual but don't undertake any utility location work then you can join as an Affiliate Individual

The annual subscription is $150 (ex GST) per annum.

Affiliated Organisation

If you are joining as an organisation the type of membership will depend on what you do and your association with utility location. The following affiliated organisation memberships are available:

  • Utility Location Services Provider - where utility location services are being provided,
  • Associated Industry - utility location isn't provided but you use or influence the industry,
  • Supply Partner - where your organisation supplies the utility location sector, or
  • International - where there is an off-shore interest in the New Zealand utility location sector.

The annual subscription is $500.00 (ex GST) per annum.

To learn more about the benefits of Nulca NZ membership download the latest version of our Membership Benefits flyer now.

Simply fill in the details below, submit the form and we'll process your application.  We may check that you have applied under the right category and if we need to we'll give you a call for some additional information.  

As part of the process, we'll issue you an invoice for your subscription fees. Once we have received your payment we'll welcome you aboard as an official member of Nulca New Zealand.

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Thanks for applying to join. You'll hear from us very soon.

Useful Application Notes:

  • Some fields are required. These are indicated by the * at the end of the field label. Please make sure you fill these in. If you don't you'll get a reminder though.
  • Invoice to: Please let us know who the invoice should be made out to.  If your employer is going to pay for your joining fees, then make sure they have approved this and provide the full details to appear on the invoice.


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